The worlds rarest birds captured

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World’s rarest birds. An amazing photo of the Kakapo, a flightless parrot from New Zealand, of which only 124 individuals are alive today. Photo by Shane McInnes.

A large proportion of the almost 10,000 World’s bird species is threatened with extinction and more than 2,000 species need urgent conservation action to ensure their survival. With this in mind, last year the international photo competition The World’s rarest birds was launched with the aim to photograph the 566 most threatened bird species on Earth. These bird species inhabit some of the most remote and inhospitable places on the planet and even seeing one could take weeks or months.

Red-crowned Crane

An amazing photo of a displaying Red-crowned Crane from East Asia which has a population of 1,700 mature individuals and is continuing to decrease. Photo by Huajin Sun

Thousands of fantastic images were submitted and hundreds will be featured in a new book that not only shows their beauty but includes specially written feature articles on the key bird conservation issues in each of the world’s regions. Profits from the book, published by WILDGuides, will be donated to BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme. The world’s rarest birds.

Christmas Island Frigatebird

A great photo of a Christmas Island Frigatebird in flight. Photo by David Boyle.

Asian Crested Ibis

A fantastic photo of a flying Asian Crested Ibis from China. Just 250 individuals survive, but because of conservation action the population is slowly increasing! Photo by Quan Min Li.

forest owlet

A lovely image of a calling Critically Endangered Forest Owlet from India. Photo by Dr Jayesh K Joshi.

Birdlife international preventing extinctions programme

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