The world smallest monkey, the Pygmy Marmoset

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The tiny pygmy marmoset is the smallest monkey in the world. Measuring only some 13 centimeters (5in), this tawny colored primate is as big as a soda can! They have long hair on their heads and chests, giving the appearance of a mane, and a huge tail that can be as long as their body.

Pygmy marmoset

Pygmy marmoset twin clinging on to a finger

These petite primates inhabit the Amazon basin, living primarily in lowland, tropical rainforests. Because of their small size and long tails they are perfectly suited for the understory layer of the rainforest with its long bendable braches and many vines for the Pygmy Marmosets to sleep on.

Pygmy marmoset on a tree

The pygmy marmoset lives in the lower layers of tropical amazon rainforest

Pygmy marmosets are very active and agile creatues, that run along branches, up and down trunks and occasionally leap between trees. Although they feed on fruits, buds and small insects, most of their diet comes from tapping trees for sap! Using its elongated sharp incisors and claw-like nails, this cute primate spends the majority of its time gouging holes to collect its gummy sap.

Pygmy marmoset, world smallest monkey

Pygmy marmoset are the world smallest monkey

This tree-dwelling primate lives in small groups or family units consisting of two to nine individuals. Like other primates, daily social behaviours of Pygmy Marmosets include grooming, huddling, and play. Interestingly, the two litters that the female usually produces each year have a high chance to consist of twins or even triplets – over 70% of the births are twins!

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    These are cute, i did not know that they eat sap or that the y had twins or triplets.

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      Great, thank you! I am sure Mudfooted will keep on fascinating you!

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      they are ADORABLE. I wish you wnuldot have told though WHERE they come from. It seems pet stores and poachers go and try to sell these creatures. They need to be free and where they are at. I sure enjoyed the pics though. Thanks for sharing.

      • Jolle Jolles

        Thanks Nick, you are right it is horrible pet stores and poachers try to capture Pygmy Marmosets. However, by writing this post I hope to raise awareness so that we will be better able to protect and conserve these wonderful animals!

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