Woodpecker plays hide-and-seek with bird of prey

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While this sparrowhawk scanned the sky in search of a feathered meal, it did not notice the great spotted woodpecker it hunted earlier was only hiding some 50cm below it! By staying motionless for tedious minutes, the woodpecker eventually succeeded to stay safe from the hawk-eyed gaze of motion.

Before this astonishing scene of hide-and-seek, the sparrowhawk already managed to pluck some feathers from the woodpecker’s back but was scared away before being able to give its final blow.

A woodpecker hiding from a hungry sparrowhawk.

A woodpecker hiding from a hungry sparrowhawk.

All this happened in front of the eyes of british wildlife artist Robert Fuller, while being hidden in his hide.

Did he do the right thing by disturbing the scene and saving the great spotted woodpecker? Or should he not have interfered with nature? I think in this case he did the right thing, since it enabled many people to learn something new about our natural world. What do you think?

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  • goos

    hahahaha, wat een briljante truc van dat beestje! Hij kijkt ook heel gespannen naar boven of die engert m ziet! lief! xx

  • http://uknhb.blogspot.com/ Roger B.

    I’m afraid that’s not a lesser spotted woodpecker. It’s a great spotted woodpecker, which is a much more common and widespread species. It’s still a great image though!

    • http://mudfooted.com Jolle Jolles

      Thanks Roger for your correct remark! I was not totally sure about it because a friend suggested it to be a lesser spotted, but I agree it must be a great spotted. I edited in the post. Thanks