The beautiful transparent Glass Frog

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Glass frogs are transparent

The Glass frog is a beautiful frog species that has a semi-transparent skin

Among the many weird and fascinating amphibians on our planet, very special are the Glass Frogs. This amazing frog family has a transparent skin, allowing you to view inside its small body. They are so transparent that it almost looks as if they melt into the leaves and become one with them. Transparent animals like these frogs are spectacular to see.

Glass frog internal organs

A glass frog allows you to see its internal organs

Glass frogs live in and among the trees and plants of humid mountain forests in Central and South America. Higher up the mountain the rainforests are called cloud forests because the trees are almost always covered in clouds. Glass frogs are mostly active at night, which makes them very difficult to spot for predators.

Transparent glass frog

Glass frogs and their eggs. Photo by Elke Vockenhuber

During the breeding season they live along rivers and streams where they lay their eggs on leaves that overhang the water. When breeding is over, most glass species go back to live high up in the canopy.

Conservationists are especially interested in these beautiful frogs because they may be good bioindicators. A bioindicator is a species that provides clues about the health of the environment where it lives. As the Earth’s weather changes, some of the rain- and cloud forests where Glass Frogs live are becoming too dry, making life difficult for the frogs, as well as other plants and animals. By watching the glass frogs, scientists can learn what impact global warming has on these forests and the amazing species that inhabit them.

Glass frog inside

Glass frogs have a lime green skin that is semitransparent, allowing you to peek inside their body

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  • Tracey

    These frogs are so cool i have never even heard of them before. Very facinating.

    • Jolle Jolles

      Hi Tracey, I was also amazed by these transparent frogs. Although there are more transparent animals (mostly invertebrates), it especially suits the green glass frog very well!

      • Robin

        Did you take the pictures?? If you did awesome job!!! Your facts about the glass frogs are helping me for my project! Thanx!! :)

      • Jolle Jolles

        Hi Robin. Good to hear my post about the frogs help you with your project! I did not take the pictures, it would have been amazing to see them in the wild.

      • Robin

        Hey Jolle, this is just a random question, but do u have facebook??

      • Jolle

        Hi, yes it’s And don’t forget to visit the facebook fanpage at
        Hope to see you back soon!

  • rens

    Ingenieus van de natuur, alles heeft zijn doel! er zijn toch meer dieren in camouflage tooi opgaand inde omgeving?
    Erg fascinerend! Er is zoveel te ontdekken en weten!

  • Paige

    thank you for teaching me about these gorgeous frogs! Jolle, I am wondering what year it was you wrote it so that i can reference it please. also, i love your website, it has a very creative design and the animals on it are very interesting.

    • Jolle

      Hi Paige, thanks for your nice comment! Good to hear you want to reference it! I wrote it on the 3rd of March, 2010. I am planning to write a couple new posts the next few days but otherwise I am sure you can find something interesting between the other 48 articles :) Thanks!

  • Robin

    Ok thanx!! Though i can only add u on like friday!!

  • cupcake

    Hey people! what up i think these animals look the best because these are the cutest glass frogs I’ve seen!

  • http://facebook chloe

    wow that is amazing

  • LeeAnne

    Great job. Hey now classes don’t have to dissect the frogs, just hold them up. XP

  • aylarose

    where did you find them! they are asmazing!

  • queenwilly

    Wow, what an amazing creature. Love your site.

    • Jolle Jolles

      Thanks Queenwilly!

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  • Jennifer

    There was a picture of one in my biology textbook, so I decided to google it. Are they poisenous? If not, I want one as a pet.

    • Tilly

      Your cranium must be protecting some very vaulalbe brains.

      • Paula

        Even if they are critically endangered at least they are not extinct.

  • http://google Manjushree

    dude this s amazing!
    i mean thanxx a million 4 this s helping me a lot for my project!

    • Jolle Jolles

      Thanks Mansjushree, good to hear!

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    although that you are not necessarily hello there for that matter beneath thought.

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  • Herman Cortez

    HI Jolle can you give me some intresting facts about the glass frog that is not listed here on this web page? I need some for my animal project that I am doing thanks hope to hear from you soon.

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  • Mr. Turd

    These are so cool

  • http://??? Jenny O’Daniel

    thanks so much!! i got an A in science because of you!!! i learned a lot!!!! who wouldn’t love a transparent frog! it’s pure awesomeness!!!!thanks again! and do you have any other bizarre creatures you write about?? i want to learn!!!

  • http://??? Jenny O’Daniel

    i am DEFIANTLY recommending this website!!:)

  • Katyana Spruth

    Hi! I just wanted to know if you have written any other posts about cute but bizzare frogs and animals? I would LOVE to learn more.
    Hey Jenny O’Daniel! I know you!

    • Jolle Jolles

      Hi Katyana, there are almost 60 posts on Mudfooted, click the thumbnails in the sidebar for more!

  • http://??? Jenny O’Daniel

    hey Katy!! i know you too!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha! are you doing this for science? :)

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  • Rode

    Seems like you don’t have to dissect This frog to see what’s in it!!

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  • luis

    So wierd and cool I can see his intestines! Thanks

  • Jessica

    THIS IS RAD (:

  • Juan


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  • Bella

    Hi! Thans for posting this! I am using them in a project about Venezuela. I was wondering how many are left and if they are poisonous or not? Thanks! This is totally awesome!

  • http://EarthLink Lauren Haley

    How do you make a free website like this

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  • lauren and keonna

    kool they loook funny.

  • Meyghan Pryce

    I love these facinating creatures! I am constantly looking up new facts about these amazing amphibians and looking for new and unique images of them. Now I am very interested in different animals and these are different looking, weird but great! At the moment I am working on a small project about unique looking animals and their different ways of living. I am trying to aim it at endangered animals, animals within risk of becoming extinct or animals that could become endangered soon. So far I have a long list of different animals (as there are so many odd looking animals and even more that are endangered)! Here are a small amount of the animals that I have put onto my list:
    Glass frog
    Glass fish
    Blow/puffer fish
    Mexican walking fish
    Long eared jerboa
    Sunny fish etc…
    I was wondering as you seem as if you know a lot about animals (endangered or not) whether you could give me a small list on some endangered animals that I could include. Thanks!

  • Megan Price

    At the moment at school I am doing a school project on this animal and I have looked at lots of endangered animals. I have mainly looked at the glass frog, glass fish, blow fish, mexican walking fish, long eared jerboa and the sun fish. In the end I decided to go to this website and do the glass frog as they are epic! I am trying to raise awareness to save the glass frog and try to save it. Thanks for giving me lots of great facts for me to add to my leaflet, I am going to include things about its way of living and also things to grab people attention.

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    O M G this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  • Froglove35

    I love this frog type!!!!!!!!!! They are so cute. I can’t believe u can see right inside them. That is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • miranda kline

    good goood website

  • lover of frogs mary

    i loooooooove glass frogs sooooooo much because they are so adorable
    and you can see right through them and they are so beautiful!!!!

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  • Isabelle

    Im doing a reasearch projedt on the cute little frogs. I would just die if they went extinct b4 i could see one!!!!

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  • dave

    does anyone know where i can buy some glass frogs…

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  • Meg

    I’m doing a research project on these frogs and I need to know, what species of glass frog is this? Or are you just talking about glass frogs in general.

    • Jolle W Jolles

      Hi Meg, my article is about the whole family of glass frogs and not about a specific species as they are all amazing species. I was not able to identify the species of the frogs in these photos, but if you want to find out more in-depth information about these frogs, this is a good resource: Good luck with your project!

  • Albert

    I’m doing a report on the glass frogs. What are the origins of this frog?