Spider eating bird caugt in its web

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Spider eating bird caught on tape! In the tropical north of Queensland, Australia, a giant spider has been caught on camera eating a bird! Since Golden Orb Weavers, which can be the size of a hand, normally prey large insects, eating a bird much larger than itself is very unusual.

Probably the bird got stuck in the very strong web Golden Orb Weavers make after which it slowly weakened. The spider just had to wait for the bird to be weak enough to attack it and let its venom turn it into a feathered snack.

What a lucky spider, having such an easy meal for weeks! If only it’s web got not so messy…

Spider eating bird

A spider eating bird caught in its strong web! Photo by Telegraph.

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  • agedwisdom

    I have seen this type of spider also in Taiwan forest. They were indeed large. The first time I saw it I thought it was a hoax.

  • John Doe

    Boy this is about as happy as the Holocaust.