The crazy mountain goat!

crazy mountain goat The crazy mountain goat!

The crazy and beautiful looking mountain goat ;)

Mountain goats shows climbing abilities that leave other animals, including most humans, far below. Inhabiting many of North America’s most spectacular mountainous environments, these beasts live at elevations of up to 4,000 meters.

crazy mountain goat on wall The crazy mountain goat!

A  goat ‘grazing’ off vertical rock

Mountain goats, actually not true goats but close relatives, climb the very steep and rocky slopes to feed on any grass, shrub or tree they can find. Although they are very powerful, they are agile at the same time, being able to jump more than 4 meters. Nevertheless, one of the main causes of death of these mountain dwellers are falling accidents.

crazy mountain goats on wall The crazy mountain goat!

A group of goats on a cliff wall. Photo by Elckholt.

Both males and females have distinctive beards and a characteristic white double coat, which protects them from freezing temperatures and fierce winds. Although female goats live mostly in groups, males (also know as billies) are more solitary.

Mountain goat vertical wall The crazy mountain goat!

Unbelievable hanging abilities of this goat

mountain goats on the edge The crazy mountain goat!

A pair of goats comfortably hanging on the edge of a cliff

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