Giant insect eating baby turtle!

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Giant insect eating turtle

The verocious giant water bug devoring a baby turtle

One night while exploring the japanese ricefields in search for water bugs, Dr Shin-ya Ohba managed to record a bizarre behaviour never seen before involving a giant insect.

In a ditch next to a rice field, Dr Ohba observed a giant water bug (Kirkaldyia deyrolli) eating a juvenile turtle! Using its front legs the giant insect gripped the turtle and inserted its proboscis-like rostrum into the prey in order to feed. Although the large bugs of the Lethocerinae family have been known to prey upon small vertebrates including fish and frogs, this unusual predator-prey reversal had never been seen before.

Giant insect eating snake

The giant water bugs have even been observed to eat water snakes!

Since the giant water bugs are known to only attack moving prey, Dr Ohba suggests the voracious insect not only fed on the dead turtle but actually captured and killed it before feeding on it.

This rather anecdotal but important observation was published in the journal Entomological Science.

Shin-ya OHBA (2011). Field observation of predation on a turtle by a giant water bug Entomological Science DOI: 10.1111/j.1479-8298.2011.00450.x
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