Cute Pygmy Jerboa is world smallest rodent

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Exploring the animal kingdom for its fascinating and intriguing species I was struck by the Baluchistan Pygmy Jerboa, one of the smallest mammals in the world. This species, only found in the hot deserts of Pakistan and Afghanistan, is said to be the world’s smallest rodent, measuring 5 cm long on average.

For the title of the smallest mammal in the world, it’s only competitors are the bumblebee bat and species of the shrew family.

Jerboas are a group of jumping desert rodents that resemble a mouse with a long tufted tail and very long hind legs. They are a great example of convergent evolution – unrelated animals that develop similar characteristics because of living in similar conditions. In all the world’s major desert regions you will find animals that mainly use hopping as locomotion, a very energy-efficient way of avoiding predators when you have the space.

People have a strong tendency to like short faces and big eyes. The combination of it’s small size, large eyes and short face therefore make the Pygmy Jerboa one of the cutest mammals in the world! What do you think? ;)
The o-so-cute Pygmy Jerboa

  • Daniel

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, wat een beestje! Heeft dat voortbewegen op twee pootjes niet ook met de warmte/kou te maken? Dat hij zo minder warmte/kou geleid en ook minder oppervlakte boven de grond heeft? Heeft die staart een (stabiliserende)functie of is dat iets wat de evolutie heeft overgeslagen?

    Tot snel in NL,

  • Sophie

    Wat een leuke blog Jolle! Hoe kan het zijn dat zo’n klein beestje bestaat he! Gek dat het zo op een kuikentje lijkt!

  • linzy

    what a crazy little animal!

  • mama

    It looks kinda like a chick

    • Emily

      totally just wat i was thinkin but sssssooooooo cute…..
      hey if there are any guys out there who whold want to buy me a pygmy jerboa, i would be sssoooooo happy… !
      LOL TEHE!! :-D

  • Jolle Jolles

    Thanks for all your replies! @Emily, I will let you know when I will find one ;)

    • Emily

      Awwwww….. thx u ssssooooooo much! Love u! :-)

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  • Rode

    Awww, sooo cute!!!! Why are tiny mammals always so cute?

  • Pat

    i can’t stop looking. thanks for sharing about this little guy :)

    • Jolle Jolles

      Thanks Pat! Amazing hey ;)

  • Isaac

    My god, did that mouse just eat its own tail O.o?


    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! Like The butts i suck

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