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Mudfooted welcomes contributions in any form. That is, I welcome fully-featured guest posts (for example this and this post), nature and outdoor oriented videos and photography, suggestions for stories, or just great links to share. These contributions can be on a wide range of topics as long as they fit with Mudfooted: animals, wildlife, nature, science, explorations, outdoors, planet earth, green living, into the wild. Have a browse through the many posts already on Mudfooted to get a good feel for what Mudfooted is about! A good place to start is the visual archive and the top 10 most popular posts.

If you are uncertain if it will be suitable for Mudfooted, just sent me a message using the contact form below! Mudfooted does occasionally accept website, film or book reviews when they are relevant to the readers of Mudfooted.

If you wish to send tips about cool links, stories, photography etc, please do!

If you want to be a guest writer for Mudfooted, please first send me a brief email with a basic description of your ideas with potential web links and please attach a few relevant images sized at 640px wide or much larger. I consider every submission very carefully. Unfortunately I cannot accept all submission but will often still be able to post about the ideas and link to the contributor.

Thank you!