Cats with wings!

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Cat with wings

Yes, unbelievable but true, what you are seeing is cat with wings! There are even 138 reported sightings of these unique creatures of which 28 are documented cases with physical evidence.

Cat with wings have been known to exist since the 19th century. Some sightings of winged cats may be explained by matting due to poor grooming. When the cat runs, the dense mats flap up and down giving the impression of wings. However, usually cat wings are the result of a genetic skin disorder called cutaneous asthenia, which makes the skin across the shoulders and back extremely elastic. Cats that have this disorder can often even actively move their ‘wings’ because they contain muscle fibers! Unfortunately, these unique cats cannot flap them in a bird-like manner.

Chinese cat with wings

This mischievous cat has obviously spent too much time chasing birds that he’s grown a pair of furry wings!

Winged cat

A Chinese cat showing its two earlike ‘wings’

Thanks to a Mudfooted fan for noting this. Got any curious, weird or fascinating tips for a blog post or even want to write a guest article? Definitely contact me!

  • Jaques

    Wow this cat is a weird phenomena! Your site is very cool and inspiring. Nature is a funny and beautiful thing…waiting for the new blog!

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  • Lindsay

    incredible, ive never heard of this before and its so intriguing.

    • Jolle

      :) I know! A fan of mudfooted told me about it and I had also not heard about this phenomenon till then! Thanks!

  • Gulnara

    Amazing!! Angelcat!! where can i find them? i want to buy one

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  • Rode

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane? No, it’s a……

  • jordan

    wtf this shit is fucked up