Reactivation of the blog I am so passionate about!

By on July 9th 2018 in blogging

Hey there, thanks for checking in! It has been more than 8 years since I launched the first version of I remember working hard on the first design for Mudfooted and finishing it while on holiday in Spain, publishing the first post on a fascinating discovery of how Octopuses dynamically use coconut shells as shelter.

In the years that followed Mudfooted grew and grew and gained hundreds of unique visitors a day. It was a treat for me to see my website gain so much attention and thereby getting so many people fascinated by the outside world! But unfortunately, times changed. Over the years websites started popping up everywhere and social media started to become overly dominant, thereby really changing the online climate so to say.

Also, due to pursuing a PhD, starting a family, and continuing with a postdoc abroad, I wasn’t able to keep it going as it was with my high ideals. Ultimately half a year ago this culminated in my decision to go offline completely until further notice and to properly rethink Mudfooted from the ground up. I realised that this could mean never going online again…

Well, here I am sitting writing this post. It is time for Mudfooted to come back alive again! But now with a much more personal touch. Blogging about our wonderful natural world and interesting scientific discoveries was what I was always deeply passionate about. And my drive to continue to do so is even stronger than before. But from now on I will do this from my own standpoint as a behavioural biologist and outdoor enthusiast. Mudfooted will be my blog, not my website with fun-fact-based non-personal articles about our natural world. I am enthusiastic about Mudfooted and what it stands for and that is what I will write about.

In the coming weeks, I shall be reposting a lot of original articles I wrote for Mudfooted over the years, but with new updates and extra information. More than that I will also really start blogging again and writing about all those elements what I feel Mudfooted stands for. So expect a lot more articles with a first-person perspective, from outdoor lifestyle, new scientific discoveries, insights and opinions about academia and conservation, and short and fun facts about our natural world.

Let’s see where this will go!