Frogs Frolic at Fotherdale

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This guest article is by Wildlife Artist Robert E Fuller showing some of his beautiful photography of the frogs frog in his own pond.

We moved to Fotherdale Farm in 1998 and one of the first things I did was build a pond. Now we have a very healthy frog and toad population – one time I counted over 80 individuals at the moment they were spawning.

Frog in the water

Getting a low perspective makes for better photographs. In this one you can see the yellow flag irises reflected in the water.

Group of frogs

A cozy group of groups together in their home pond!

Frogs mating

March is the mating season for both species and it can seem a bit frenzied. Here two frogs are mating.

And this toad is in a frog sandwich!!

Frogs are a great subject for photography in your garden if you have a pond!

Frog and toad mating

But here there seems to be a bit of confusion! This toad is getting over friendly with a frog.

Frog and toad

You can tell the difference between frogs and toads by their size, by the fact that toads walk and frogs hop and are generally more streamlined. Also toads are warty and have slit eyes.

Frogs in a pond

As you approach the pond they tend to disappear under the water. But if you lie down they soon reappear.

Guest article!

This article featuring the beautiful pictures of frogs and toads is written by Robert E Fuller. Also want to write an article for Send your proposal to

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