Rainbow of colourful kitchen raiding ants

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As you will know by now I am highly enthusiastic about animal curiosities and discovering our wonderful natural world. But what I maybe like even more is when animal curiosity is combined with creativity. Take a look at the fantastic photographs below and see if you agree.

Ants in rainbow colours

A beautiful spectrum of colourful ants

These beautiful pictures are taken by Indian scientist Dr Babu who got the creative insight of creating a spectrum of colourful ants just fuelled by their own thirst for sugar. The idea arose after his wife noticed the abdomen of the ants visiting her kitchen changed from black to white after discovering some of her spilt milk!

Ant with green abdomen

An ant showing off its transparent green abdomen

Within minutes after providing green, blue, yellow and red enriched sugar drops, the troop of black kitchen raiders transformed in a rainbow of colours. Although most ants sticked to the colour of their choice, some sipped at the sugar of different coloured drops, giving their abdomen a unique color.

Green, yellow and red ant

Drops of coloured sugar water can give colour to your garden!

Interestingly, while trying to take these fantastic pictures Dr Babu discovered the ants had a preference for some of the colours. Indeed, ants can see different colours, and as one of the only insects, they can also see red. However, although it might be that the ants indeed have a preference for certain colours, a more logical explanation would be that some drops taste better than others due to differences in the colourings flavours.

I hope the next time you discover ants raiding your own kitchen your curiosity will stop you from protecting your precious provisions!

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  • Ingrid

    Omg, that is *so* awesome! Art meets science! Thankyou for sharing!

    • http://mudfooted.com Jolle Jolles

      Thanks for your great comment!

  • Sanneke

    Wow very cool!!!

  • Gulnara

    Great!!!! really cool! i’m gonna try one day

  • Jen

    That is really neat! Do you know what type of ants they are?

  • luis angel

    Its awesome, you are always surprising me.

    • http://mudfooted.com Jolle Jolles

      Thanks Luis!

  • Greg

    Fascinating website! This article really made me smile :)

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  • Lorna

    This is AWESOME! do you know what type of ants they are?