10 of the best animal videos

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Best animal videos howler monkey

For you to enjoy on your relaxed saturday afternoon, 10 of the best animal videos! This is the first in a series of animal video posts that feature the most interesting, fascinating, weird and beautiful videos on the web. Go to Mudfooted’s youtube channel to see mudfooted’s favorite animal videos!

The cute pygmy jerboa, read more about it here

Two crows seem very interested in anoying one of two cats fighting on the street

Howler monkeys announcing themselves

Fantastic video of dogs in slow motion catching treats! Unfortunately, it’s for Pedigree – a company that still conducts animal testing, so I can not take their love for animals as a true sentiment. More info: here.

Scientists describe for first time how octopuses use coconuts as shelter. Read more about it here.

David Attenborough presents the amazing lyre bird, which mimics the calls of other birds – and chainsaws and camera shutters – in this video clip from The Life of Birds.

The amazing barreleye fish with transparent head! Read more about it here.

A video of new caledonian crow showing meta tool use

There is a horse in that car!

Crazy goats climb almost vertical dam in Northern Italy to lick salt of the stones. Read mudfooted article about them here!