15 of the best animal videos!

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Animal videos top 10For you to enjoy on your relaxed saturday afternoon, 10 of the most amazing animal videos! This is the second in a series of animal videos posts that feature the most interesting, fascinating, weird and beautiful videos on the web. Go to Mudfooted’s youtube channel to see my favorites! See Part 1 here!

My discovery of sheep that were sadly stuck on their back in the middle of their field. Read my full post here

The amazing blue footed booby showing off its feat. Read more about them here

The proboscis monkeys of Borneo, with large pendulous nose, giant bellies, and permanent erect penis! Read more about them here

Amazing footage of great white sharks attacking seals

Goats that faint? Yes indeed!

An interesting video of the unique adaptations of a species of parasite

Fascinating footage of a diver coming close to a Giant octopus

Funny video of two cats that seem to ‘talk’ to eachother!

Just watch it!

Watch how tree climbers associated with National Geographic climb a 300-foot-tall redwood tree!

Mobula rays filmed leaping out of the water!